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Many businesses are unable to reach their true potential because of the lack of a proper Social Media strategy. Most businesses commonly use either one or two Social Media platforms to market their product or service. But, the problem lies in the platform they use. Rather than doing an initial market research to find out which platform is the most beneficial to their business. Moreover, brands market using only the most popular social media platform known to them.

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We are a digital team specialized in running Social Media Marketing campaigns for multiple business sectors. We are a team of handpicked professionals with experience from various business sectors. We propose only the optimum Social Media Marketing strategy for a business. We never give false promises. Our Social Media Marketing efforts are optimized to get the right results for your business.

Our Expertise:

  • Social Advice

Our team provides the correct Social Media strategy advices for your business as part of our Social Media Marketing consultancy. We advice to get better results through proper brand proposition & brand recognition. Our team has built Social Media strategies for much business right from the scratch. Get help from our team to diversify your business in front of your audience.

  • Brand Promotion

Right brand promotion method to get the best results. That’s what we do all businesses. Brand promotion is not about spending more money for your business. The key lies in the right way you spend your money, effort & time. Know how to target your potential audiences & how to get the right business.

  • Brand Identity & Brand Tone

A brand is known through the proper brand identity & tone they maintain through the social media platforms. Brand Identity & Brand Tone are that differentiate a business from its competitors. Our team works on the principle “When you plan to do it. Do it in the right way. Or else you would fail in its purpose.”

  • Social Media Management & Monitoring

We provide professional Social Media Management & Monitoring for clients all over Kerala, India. To handle a Social Media Marketing campaign it is important to how to optimize the campaign to get the desired results for your business. Proper monitoring allows re-engaging potential audience and converting them into business.

  • Social Media Marketing (Pays per Click)

To run a Social Media Campaign the right way you should be aware about the latest updates. Our team strategizes all campaigns to be run in the right way. We use a combination of various Social Media platforms to get the desired results. Proper forecasting of happenings & better advertisement performance is what we do. Our team of experts would be able to help you in this regard.

  • Social Media PR

We are experts in maintain proper PR for any businesses. Our strategy allows filling the gaps between customers & business. We plan to keep the customers well updated about your brand. We never make a business lose its customers because of miscommunication. We only propagate contents that really mean it.

  • Creative Talk with our Experts

Our team of creative experts develops the best advertisement creative for a business to run their Social Media Marketing Campaign. Advertisement creative should be made with better brand value proposition in mind. Vibrant, innovative & creative way is the order we plan ahead for every business to get maximum results.

  • Measurement, Reporting & Analysis

We perform day to day measurement, reporting & analysis of each stages of PPC for all businesses. We believe that proper communication with the clients & proper reporting is the key to a long term relationship. We also provide suggestions and changes that need to be made in the campaign to improve its overall performance.

  • Cross Channel Social Media Promotion

Social Media Platforms are many numbers. But, if a business wants to have frequent updates across multiple Social Media Channels. Then, the best option is through cross channel social media promotion. This plan is aimed across multiple Social Media platforms relevant to your business. It helps to build brand reputation, reach, followers & engagements for a product or service.

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