How can social media help a business grow?

social media marketing.

How to grow a business through social media?

The world of digital era expands each and every day. Digital marketing platforms are more active than the past years. Do you think an SEO is the only digital marketing platform to boost sales? We would say a big No...! Do you know why? Digital marketing rises its wing just few years back. At first, the only online marketing method was search engine optimization (SEO) just started its process in 2008. Later on, the gears have been shifted to the next level of marketing. At present, SEO is lowering its shade and the power of social media has emerged. Do you know why this is happening? We will explain you in detail...!!!

Introducing social media Platforms:

Now the social media has exploded in numbers. The most popular Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ have established its strength in digital marketing. We will illustrate with a case study. Search engines (mainly Google) came with their algorithms for SEO from 2007 starting with Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Rank brain, Possum and now with an unconfirmed Fred algorithm. Search rankings may drop or gain if we don't follow the algorithms. The power of SEO came in the year 2013, as the introduction of smartphones came into existence. This also impacted the growth of social media networks mainly Facebook. Moreover, here starts the fight between search engines and social media. Search Engines vs Social media Networks: In 2013, 70% of US population used SEO as their digital marketing platform. Later in 2015, it reduced to 55% and two years later 45%. How did this happen? Social media marketing & marketing automation tools changed the levels of SEO. But still, SEO dominates in increasing sales and traffic. Usage of digital marketing platforms in 2017: Search engine optimization------> 45% Social media marketing----------> 33% Search engine marketing--------> 8% Email marketing-----------------> 7% Marketing automation----------> 5% Others-----------------------------> 2% See the graph, 33% of US population uses social media marketing techniques. This is because from an online chat system they have reformed to be an online database system. Search engines don't know who we are, our interests, behavior, and profiles but social media know very well. Apart from an online chat system, they have changed to a digital marketing platform. At present, we can brand, engage users, ask for leads and conversions in social media's, but not possible in search engines. But always remember SundarPichai, CEO of Google is transforming Google into a business marketplace. Can you guess which business marketplace is presently Google focusing on? Here it is, GoogleMyBusiness...

Social media marketing in future:

Changing the gear from 2017, I am pretty sure that social media marketing would increase the sales and ROI of business. Anyhow, we cannot blame the agencies because at present every business needs leads or conversion marketing. You may think how social media marketing produces leads. Introducing Facebook marketing...

Facebook Marketing:

As we said before, Facebook was the social media turner. At the beginning, Facebook focused on chat, social networking, advertisements, branding, lead generation and now conversion. Did lead generation stick your mind? Of course, Yes. Every business needs leads which have the high probability to be get converted. None are interested in branding. In my experience, branding is the primary marketing tactics we must follow. There are methods to execute Facebook advertising.
  • Firstly, complete your Facebook profile because Facebook gives 2x visibility for full profiles.
  • Frequently update the Facebook page of your business and create new posts, pictures, and events. Continuousupdates notify the activeness to others.
  • Start the basic social media marketing. Start with brand awareness, post reach, and engagements.
  • Brand awareness allows your business to get branded in a wide area. The page like engagements and reach promotions helps to get more visitors involved in our page.
  • After the continuous process, try the lead generation and conversions to get the accurate leads. Else Facebook offers unwanted leads which may not carry your business. Moreover, wastage of money and time.
At the present scenario, Digital marketing agencies are not exactly following the accurate Facebook strategy to promote business. Due to these incorrect attempts, clients believe that investing in digital marketing is not at all working in their business.

LinkedIn Marketing:

Hope many of you guys are unaware of LinkedIn advertising… Do you see a scrolling advertisements runs on the top of your LinkedIn profile, If else you just see next time. LinkedIn network is only for professionals and also we could virtually pronounce “Class”. At the present time, we never go behind investing in LinkedIn but for certain business LinkedIn works at a huge extend. For example, just imagine you are a cab service owner and you are targeting corporate professionals to book a cab from your firm. Here, I would highly recommend LinkedIn works well than Facebook. Why? As I said LinkedIn always connects and links professionals. Even the corporate companies, advice their employees always to show activeness in LinkedIn. If your target audience is Professionals or companies, better invest in LinkedIn. Twitter Advertising: The best social network of celebrities, popular and well known individuals, politicians, consultants, etc. Twitter connects us with the whole world and also we get the real news, stories, tips and solutions in Twitter rather than any social network. You may also see that our celebrities mostly pass their informative through twitter with hash tags. Hash tags are the key of Twitter advertising. Hash tags optimize and reach a wide area with the trendy and vital source to others. Moreover, you can start advertising in Twitter to get products or get yourself branded.

Pinterest Advertising:

Do you believe, if I would say an image speaks your business? Pinterest always pins your creative images and designs to the whole networks. You can post your creatives using tags. Tags resembles on what your image is about. Moreover, Pinterest gives you a wide collections of designs related to your search query. You can also boost up your designs with Pinterest paid methods but I would rather say for all business Pinterest is not applicable. Google plus Advertising: Google launched G+ to highly compete with Facebook but became a failure in online market. Now, I would say G+ is increasing a wide stability because the posts and stories updated in G+ are sometimes seen in search results. Moreover, G + is getting much popular in some countries. At the present time, Investing in G+ would not work for business because of less connections. I surely believe, this would catch the online market in the coming years. Let me conclude, Social media marketing is a better weapon to improve your online presence, brand your business, sell your products and get better conversions.

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